Synadrene vs. Synedrex

With the departure of Synedrex from store shelves, supplement giant Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has taken the opportunity to fill the gap by introducing Synadrene. Synadrene is similar to Synedrex in ingredients but with one major distinction. Where Metabolic Nutrition, the company that made Synedrex, included AMP Citrate in its last formulation, Hi-Tech’s Synadrene does not include this ingredient. Instead, Synadrene uses Dimethylhexylamine (DMHA) in place of it in its new and improved formula. In fact, Hi-Tech went back to its competitor’s original formula that included DMHA, but which was later dropped in favor of AMP Citrate.

In its re-engineering of the original Synedrex to create Synadrene, Hi-Tech also excluded a few other ingredients in its formulation of Synadrene, saying that their dosing was not effective enough to provide any benefit. Those excluded ingredients include β-Methphenethylamine, Simmondsin extract, and Meridextrine. So as not to fill their supplement with ineffective ingredients and fillers just for show, Hi-Tech made sure its proprietary formula in Synadrene is packed with natural ingredients and vitamins that deliver results.

Some of the benefits you will get with Synadrene include:

  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Facilitates weight loss
  • Increases energy levels
  • Elevates mood
  • Enhances mental focus
  • Suppresses appetite

Where the former Synedrex was popular amongst users for its benefits, Hi-Tech capitalized on that formula, cleaned it up, removed AMP Citrate, and added DMHA, a powerful stimulant that many users find very effective in the diet and energy supplement world. Synadrene’s addition to the market will fill the void where Synedrex left off, making a lot of people happy. Its re-engineered formula and addition of DMHA will make it that much more popular with dieters and athletes everywhere, as it works as a great thermogenic and energy enhancer. But, Synadrene doesn’t stop there.

In addition to including fat-burning ingredients, such as lipotropic compounds, that inhibit fat storage and aid is the release of fat from the cells, and energy packing vitamins and natural stimulants, Synadrene provides impressive cognitive benefits, too. Users of this weight loss and energy supplement report elevated mood and enhanced mental focus, important effects for anyone trying to get the pounds off. These effects are similar to those of its predecessor, which is another reason why those who enjoyed the benefits of Synedrex are pleased with Hi-Tech’s re-engineering of that supplement and release of Synadrene to the market.

Another great feature of Synadrene that Hi-Tech kept and improved on over the last incarnation of Synedrex is its ability to reduce appetite. While Synedrex was known to provide appetite suppressing capabilities, Synadrene stepped it up even more in its formulation. The addition of DMHA into its proprietary formula of Synadrene makes it a major energy enhancing supplement, but with DMHA also comes further appetite suppression, as this too is an effect of the stimulant.

The differences between Synedrex and Synadrene are few, but Hi-Tech did make sure that each and every ingredient in its supplement has a distinctive purpose, and that each delivers results, satisfying those looking to fill the void left by Synedrex.