Synadrene Results

The popular weight loss supplement Synadrene from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a thermogenic weight loss product that works by increasing the body’s temperature and basic metabolic rate (BMR) to assist with burning more calories than exercise alone can achieve. This thermogenic effect helps spur weight loss when Synadrene is paired with a healthy, low-carbohydrate, moderate protein diet and a sensible, consistent exercise routine. To aid in giving your muscles the protein they need for repair and development, a good protein supplement can be added to a solid weight loss routine as well.

Users say that taking one to two Synadrene capsules prior to a workout is extremely effective in increasing energy levels necessary to maintain consistency in an exercise routine. One fan says Synadrene helped him get back to the leanest weight ever by starting with one pre-workout capsule daily and increasing to two capsules after one week of use. The small red and white pills are easily swallowed with water.

Men and women alike can take Synadrene; there is nothing to suggest that women cannot enjoy the weight loss benefits of this powerful fat burner, which works whether you are working out in the gym or simply carrying on your normal day to day activities, including working at your desk. Synadrene also has the ability to improve memory via the inclusion of sulbutiamine, boosts thyroid function, and includes Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 in its proprietary blend of ingredients.

With its unique, proprietary blend of super-efficient ingredients, Synadrene offers one of the strongest, most effective weight loss supplements available on the market today. Although you will feel an energy boost, this product offers a “smoother” type of boost, without producing “the jitters” associated with some supplements. Add to its appetite suppressing properties the fact that Synadrene also helps increase mental clarity and focus, and elevate mood, and you have a powerful trifecta that can help you achieve weight loss results you won’t get anywhere else.