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Synadrene® by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Synadrene Diet & Weight Loss Pills

For those familiar with Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ powerful line of diet and energy supplements, you know the serious weight loss effects that this company’s proprietary ingredients can bring to the table. Now, Hi-Tech has turned up the heat, literally, with Synadrene, a more intense diet and energy supplement than the original Synedrex by Metabolic Nutrition, intended for hardcore athletes that want to lose weight, get shredded, and increase strength.

Synadrene capitalizes on the benefits of its original formula, enhances the effects of existing ingredients, and ups the ante of its Dimethylhexylamine, known as DMHA, creating a powerful energy supplement for those looking for more of a boost and a thermogenic that turns your body into a fat burning machine.

Synadrene utilizes Hi-Tech’s Thermo-Z brand ephedra extract that works with Hi-Tech’s Thermo-Rx stimulant-based phenylethlamine alkaloids from acacia rigidula making it the perfect pre-workout supplement. This high-tech pill sets off significant weight loss and energy stimulating effects in the body, promoting the elimination of fat.

  • Increased energy and motivation
  • Appetite suppression
  • Enhanced mood
  • Powerful fat burning capabilities

Synadrene’s combination of natural herbs, stimulants, and lipotropics (compounds that help catalyze the breakdown of fat during metabolism) are specially designed to help burn away calories and eliminate fat. With its thermogenic compounds, Synadrene increases the heat in the body which increases the body’s basal metabolic rate, the rate of your metabolism at rest, allowing you to burn more calories. It also prevents lipogenesis (the storage of fat) by inhibiting the enzymes that tell your body to store fat.

The weight loss properties of Synadrene tackle the task of dieting from many directions with powerful ingredients. Probably the most intense thermogenic and stimulant on the market, this supplement makes your workouts better than ever. With the incredible energy boost it provides, you’ll have the opportunity to get more out of your workout by lifting more and running faster, causing you to torch those calories, burn off unwanted fat, and get in shape. With the increased energy, your time in the gym will be more productive and fulfilling, getting you to your performance and weight loss goals faster.

A very powerful diet and energy supplement, it is perfect for those with experience using fat burners as its effects are strong and intense. It will provide a high amount of energy which encourages and promotes fat loss, resulting in increased performance and greater weight loss.

With the added benefits of mood enhancement, increased focus and motivation, and as an appetite supplement, Synadrene is an all-in-one diet and energy supplement. The increases in mood, focus, and motivation go hand in hand with increased energy making it easier to stay on target, maximize workouts, and feel good doing it, all while losing weight.

If you are ready for a powerful diet and energy supplement and are ready to feel the benefits of this thermogenic stimulant, buy Synadrene today and be on your way to a more effective path to weight loss by turning your body into a fat burning machine with Synadrene.

Synadrene® by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals


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Synadrene Results – Best Appetite Suppressant I've tried tons of weight loss aids...and this one does what it says. Lost 12 pounds in one month. Synadrene is actually doing what it claims to do suppressed my appetite and starting to see awesome results. Love the smooth energy.